Cost Savings Consulting Company

BLC - Financial Consulting Firm

Bottom Line Concepts, LLC is a performance based financial consulting firm. We define performance in one of two ways: 1) We look back in time to recover refunds that corporations may not realize they are owed back; or 2) We look forward bringing our buying power, technology and innovative ideas that result in measurable cost savings. Our clients appreciate that we are not incentivized by selling them replacement products or services, rather we are only compensated upon the realization of money by refunds and savings. Our results allow organizations to retain its employees, while increasing profitability and overall valuation of the company.  


Most vendor bills that organizations receive have errors in them, are difficult to decipher or are not transparent. We are here to deliver organizations the truth.  Whether we are finding the mistakes, or showing you where hidden vendor profit margins are, we are going to get to the bottom of where money can be uncovered. We are going to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality product or service for the least amount of cost. 

Our Promise

Zero Risk: If no savings or refunds are identified and realized, you will not owe any fees whatsoever. 

Zero Out of Pocket Cost: We do not start invoicing you for our portion of the savings or refunds realized until the end of the first month after the money is back on your organization's balance sheet. 

Zero Obligation: If for whatever reason you choose not to move forward with our recommendations, that is acceptable. 

Our Process

We understand how busy our clients are.  Therefore, we have perfected our process to a point that requires very little time of you, your department heads or your staff.  Our information gathering can be done by providing us with vendor website login credentials, authorization forms, or a few months past statements. Over the years, most agree, the time spent was well worth the results that were received. 

Employee Retention

Finding Money = Saving Jobs. 

In a global economic downturn, layoffs have become commonplace. Employees who are uncertain about their future work less efficiently and overall work place morale and environment are diminished. The cost of reacquiring employees down the road means hard dollars paid to recruiters and soft dollars on training and education. Bottom Line allows you to reverse these trends.