Charity Financial Management Solutions

Donations Enhancement & Financial Management for Charities!

What We Do

At Bottom Line, we believe that doing well while doing good is a sound business  strategy, and that’s the motivation behind Line Up For Charity, our charitable division,  offering several strategies to enhance your organization’s philanthropic profile.

Line Up

Our core charitable program is designed to enhance donations to nonprofit  organizations through an entirely new source of funding. By introducing Bottom Line’s  services to passionate donors and board members, nonprofits secure a portion of the  resulting savings in the form of a donation. 

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll run our trademark no-risk, zero-cost analysis to uncover meaningful refunds and future business savings for donors’ and board members’ businesses.
  • When we uncover savings for donors and board members at their own companies, a portion of the fee that Bottom Line would normally accept on the transaction is delivered to the nonprofit organization in that donor’s, board member’s or business’s name.
  • Donors and board members who wish to increase the positive impact of their service to the nonprofit are given a platform to do so, sometimes exponentially depending on the scale and focus of our work and the dollars realized in savings.
  • The underlying businesses receive our proprietary, cost-savings consultation, which delivers proven, reliable and expedient results in the form of increased profitability and enhanced enterprise value – a win-win value proposition for everyone involved.

We want to do what we do best – save companies money, and improve the bottom line – while introducing an entirely new source of donation to nonprofit organizations and their inner circles. Where you might see operating expenses, we see a blooming social responsibility initiative and an opportunity to save money while delivering significant impact to worthy causes. Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, committed advocate, donor or board member, please reach out to us. Let’s team up to give back. Let’s Line Up for Charity!


Funds raised by Line Up