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Bottom Line Concepts Interviewed By American Airlines

Published November 8th, 2018 by Bottomlineadmin

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If you're seeking ways to save money, maximize revenue, and increase the profitability of your business, you're in luck. Next up, we welcome CEOs from two companies, both of which have a partnership that's built on the foundation of cutting costs and boosting the business efficiency of their clients. And there's a great chance they can help your business too. In a moment, we'll be speaking with Josh Fox, CEO of Bottom Line Concepts, a financial consulting firm. 

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Josh, Bottom Line Concepts is a performance-based financial consulting firm. What does that mean, and how does it help businesses save money?

Josh Fox:                           

We are hired by various types of organizations, ranging from for-profit companies to charities, and even a municipality. These entities engage us to hopefully perform in one of two ways for them: The first being that we can go back in time, say ten to fifteen years, to identify outstanding refund opportunities that they might be unaware of.

Josh Fox:                           

We identify those opportunities; we get back those dollars, and we share a portion of them with the organization that hired us. Alternatively, we can review the future expenses of an organization, and if we could help them reduce their cost and we both keep a percentage of the resulting savings — but our cut is only for the first two years.

Speaker 1:                         

And what categories do you often find savings in for your clients?

Josh Fox:                           

We currently offer services in about forty different categories. The nice thing about the model is that it's completely a la carte, hence the client corporation can choose the categories for which they'd like to hire us. While some companies start out with a few of them — test us out to make sure that they're content with the results, after which they’d rehire us for additional categories. Others are happy to move forward with all of the categories. They say if you were going to do this, we'd like to look for any refunds and savings opportunities as quickly as possible. So, it's very flexible.

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