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Find more affordable hotel options

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Find more affordable hotel options

One of the largest chunks of spending on corporate travel are hotels and lodging. As a savvy manager or business owner, it can be wise to include policies for accommodations such as a budget limit or a star rating.

 This way, your staff can work around the budget for the best value of the hotel, or they can find discounts. It is interesting that some hotels have promotions on various websites where the same room can be availed for large discounts. There are also hotel comparison websites that can help you get this sorted out.

 What should you look for in an ideal hotel for corporate travel?

 In-room WiFi: Your employees shouldn’t have to go down in the lobby to have access to the internet. In-room WiFi is a convenient option for them to finish their work while resting in their respective rooms. This will also be convenient for the rest of your traveling group if they decide to communicate with each other through the internet (Skype calls, Viber, Messenger, or email).

Work desk and office chair: This will help your team separate their space for resting, grooming, and working. If you have a long-term corporate travel, this is essential for productivity purposes. You cannot expect your team to work efficiently while staying in bed or if the work areas in the hotel are limited.

Accessible outlets: Along with internet and work space, outlets are also essential for your employees to charge their devices. These outlets must be accessible such as located by the lamp, close to the desk, or by the bed.

Business center amenity: This may also be necessary if your team needs to print documents or other office-related tasks. Having an open business center 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with reliable internet access, computer with office tools, and other business amenities can greatly help in unexpected events.

Location: It may seem commonsensical, but the location is something to consider when picking an ideal hotel for corporate travel. If you have an event in another venue where you need to be early, it is best to book a hotel close to that venue. It can be a challenge to go early as a group so having an allowance time is essential.

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