Telecommunications Process:

Bottom Line will conduct an in-depth analysis of all Wireless, Local, Long Distance, Toll-Free, Data, WAN and Teleconferencing-related Telecom services.  The goal is to identify and audit the use of all services and determine among other things if any are unused or unneeded.  This can be completed, including the audit portion of this project, along with a detailed report on those findings, within the first 3-4 weeks after the project formally kicks off.

Bottom Line will begin with a review of pre-existing voice and network documentation, relevant telecommunications contracts, and services invoices.  We will then obtain Customer Service Records (“CSRs”) for each billing number from all carriers and providers.  The CSR is used to identify the core components of each monthly charge.

In addition to a complete analysis of all billing from each provider Bottom Line will look at the telecom environment in detail at a location level to determine optimization and utilization of services for additional savings and recovery opportunities.

The objectives for this project are to create a complete, centralized inventory of the Client's in-scope voice and data services, allowing Bottom Line to compare contracts (and tariffs) to customer service records invoices and inventory, as well to reduce the Client's ongoing telecom costs by eliminating unnecessary fees and services, correcting any carrier overbilling errors, and securing credits & refunds wherever possible for past billing errors. 



Packages shipped using FedEx® and UPS® are guaranteed to arrive on time or the Client is owed a shipping refund. Bottom Line offers a cloud-based refund recovery solution that credits the Clients carrier accounts for late shipments.  Bottom Line manages the entire process so the Client can focus on the product and customers.    

With dynamic weekly reporting and 24/7 Online access that harnesses some of the most advanced proprietary technology on the market, the robust, transparent system is easy to use and navigate.

The Bottom Line solution is the simplest, most cost effective method for clients to decrease their shipping costs without altering operations.  Bottom Lines clients are not buying software nor are they paying fees of any kind to audit package delinquency and help streamline their logistic operations.

Sign-up can be done in 2 minutes and Bottom Line will manage the solution, where all credits are applied to the Clients carrier accounts directly. This is a no-risk solution, with no install of any additional hardware or software that would incur a cost. It is fully managed using dedicated servers running RAID-5 file systems with SSL encryption, encrypted passwords and protected access secures the Clients accounts, refunds and traffic reports.



At BLC our approach is what separates us from other providers. Our application of technology and experience allows us to identify opportunities other firms overlook. Here is an outline of our three phase approach. 

Phase I:

Scope and Analysis • Review the Client’s operations and processes • Complete limited discussions with the employees’ responsible for administrating sales and use tax for the Client and operational employees responsible for specific areas such as marketing and promotion, information technology and retail sales • Obtain all necessary data from your enterprise accounting system for the period we are reviewing and obtain access to review Client invoices and documentation – remotely if available • Analyze data and documentation to determine if refund opportunities exist based on the Client’s facts and the state specific tax exemptions • Summarize and present the initial results to the Client in order to determine which refund opportunities we will pursue

Phase II:

Completing and Filing the Claims • Complete all of the necessary steps in preparing the refund claims or credits including all forms, compiling data into an acceptable format, and attaching all relevant documentation to the data (i.e. invoices, contracts, purchase orders) • Supply the Client with a complete copy of the claim supported by a summary of the refund positions that were taken • If the refund is offsetting a current assessment, BLC will work with the State to determine what information may be needed • At the completion of Phase II all refunds will have been filed

Phase III:

Audit and Verification • Work directly with the State to verify the refund claims • Supply additional information to support parts of the refund claims as requested by the State • Supply technical documentation (memo or opinion) from BLC to support a particular position based on the Client’s facts • Finalize refund claim and receive results from the State • Have all refunds offset open assessments, if applicable • Supply management statement to the Client



Property taxes represent the largest source of revenue for many state & local governments. Yet, for  most companies this tax becomes an afterthought. Very little planning is done around minimizing the  tax and generally bills are simply accepted as is and paid in accordance. Property tax bills can take several forms: 

• Personal property tax paid directly by the company on an annual basis • Real property tax paid directly by the company on owned property • Real property tax paid indirectly on leased property • Property tax charges passed through to the company through service providers

THE ROOT OF PROBLEM For many companies the problem lies with the lack of experience, information and resources available to understand how these taxes are assessed, who is responsible for the tax and if a  company can appeal a tax. For example, most property taxes are levied on a local basis (city or county). Each local government has their own laws, administrative rules and guidelines  regarding assessments and appeals. In many cases, it is difficult for a professional outside of that  jurisdiction to have the knowledge and ability to appeal each tax. Finally, in certain cases, it is  unclear who has the right to appeal a property tax assessment. For example, with regard to real  property taxes passed through a lease, you will have to understand the terms of the lease to  determine who has the right to appeal. 

OUR SOLUTION Our team at Bottom Line has the solution for you. First, we will create a comprehensive  list of your company’s property tax liabilities (real/personal and direct/indirect). Second, we will  provide you an analysis of which taxes you have the right to appeal and the likelihood of a reduction.  Third, we will layout and execute a plan to appeal any liabilities the company wishes to pursue. All of  this is done at no cost to the company. Bottom Line is only compensated through the  reduction of your property tax assessments. In addition, to the recovery services, our  team also provides a comprehensive personal property tax compliance offering when there is a  need



Bottom Line will  gather your invoices from all of your supply vendors and compare pricing to the database that we have built up over a decade across our 1000+ clients. If you have multiple vendors we will look to clean it all up for simplicity

Bottom Line will work with your existing vendors to get price discounts/rebates to maximize your savings, this can all be accomplished in 1-2 months time

Bottom Line will reconcile the monthly invoices, to ensure the negotiated pricing is adhered to or the negotiated Rebate has been implemented

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