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Provide a general budget for the trip but allow your employees to decide

Published September 18th, 2019 by Bottomlineadmin

Provide a general budget for the trip but allow your employees to decide

Another strategy that can be useful for saving in corporate travel is setting a ceiling limit for food, transportation and activities. This is called the general budget for corporate travel. After this, you can let your employees decide how they can use this budget. 

 Many of them would be happy to work around your limit and find budget-friendly options, making you save even more. This is a win-win situation since your employees can get their top choices, while you are comfortable with the limit you have set.

 Below are the key things you need to consider for the corporate travel budget, which you can let your employees decide to work around on:

 Major transportation: This involves the departure and arrival flights, as well as group transportation in various vehicles. Many companies will offer group discounts for companies.

Other transportation: Other types of transportation may be individual taxi rides, Ubers, trains, subways, and other means of transportation which may still need to be accounted for. Set a price range for this item in the budget, and your employees will find ways to go around at cheaper prices.

Accommodation: As previously mentioned, your employees may be more travel-savvy and can find great deals for high-quality hotel and lodging. Set a budget limit and see the kinds of hotel options they can find for your travel plans.

Food: You don’t have to keep on spending for room service or hotel restaurants all the time. Your employees may find budget deals on restaurants that locals love. They can be incredibly cheap, yet a delicious feast for the rest of your team.

Activities: You can spearhead the main activities or business-related agenda for your corporate travel, but your employees can decide ahead what activities they want to do for leisurely purposes. They may just want something simple like visit a park, a national museum, or head to the local attractions. Simply set a budget for this item, divided in two areas--business-related and leisure.

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