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At BLC our approach is what separates us from other providers. Our application of technology and experience allows us to identify opportunities other firms overlook. Here is an outline of our three phase approach. 

Phase I:

Scope and Analysis • Review the Client’s operations and processes • Complete limited discussions with the employees’ responsible for administrating sales and use tax for the Client and operational employees responsible for specific areas such as marketing and promotion, information technology and retail sales • Obtain all necessary data from your enterprise accounting system for the period we are reviewing and obtain access to review Client invoices and documentation – remotely if available • Analyze data and documentation to determine if refund opportunities exist based on the Client’s facts and the state specific tax exemptions • Summarize and present the initial results to the Client in order to determine which refund opportunities we will pursue

Phase II:

Completing and Filing the Claims • Complete all of the necessary steps in preparing the refund claims or credits including all forms, compiling data into an acceptable format, and attaching all relevant documentation to the data (i.e. invoices, contracts, purchase orders) • Supply the Client with a complete copy of the claim supported by a summary of the refund positions that were taken • If the refund is offsetting a current assessment, BLC will work with the State to determine what information may be needed • At the completion of Phase II all refunds will have been filed

Phase III:

Audit and Verification • Work directly with the State to verify the refund claims • Supply additional information to support parts of the refund claims as requested by the State • Supply technical documentation (memo or opinion) from BLC to support a particular position based on the Client’s facts • Finalize refund claim and receive results from the State • Have all refunds offset open assessments, if applicable • Supply management statement to the Client

  • Our Process

    Based on our in-depth analysis of your business, we bring a holistic perspective to the broad range of areas in which significant savings can be realized.

  • Our Promise

    Zero Risk
    Zero Out of Pocket Cost
    Zero Obligation

  • Our Tools

    We offer a unique approach with a team of experts behind each categorical analysis to deliver the greatest savings.

  • Our Results

    We have worked with more than 7,000 clients and have successfully brought over $2.2 billion dollars in recovery since 2009.