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Strategize purchases on airline flights

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Strategize purchases on airline flights

A frequent traveler tip is to watch out for budget flights. Sure, it can be convenient to have a business class for every travel, but you may need to assess if this is actually a need rather than a luxury. For most corporate travel, the main objective of using flights is to get from point A to point B. This means that you can opt for economy class especially if you're going in large groups.

 If scheduling is not an issue, there are strategies that you can do in booking and timing your flights. Many fare experts claim that it is best to shop on a Tuesday after holidays. You can also choose to use fare comparison websites to help you get the best deal.

 Here are some tips on getting the most affordable flights:

 Book early, but not too early: Flight prices increase within 3 weeks of the departure date. To make sure that you get the best deal for your flights, book from 1-3 months of your corporate travel departure. You can use apps such as Google Flights or Kayak to help in determining the right time to book flights, but be informed that this may not be accurate all the time. Just make sure that you are booking within the right time frame by planning ahead for a couple of months.

Set price alerts: To get the best deals, you can download apps that keeps you informed about the price changes over time. Ticket prices may change daily, depending on supply and demand within that timeline, airline, or specific destination. Having price alerts turned on can help you save a few hundred dollars, which can be a lot when you are booking for a big group.

Book connecting flights: Connecting flights with long layovers are noticeably cheaper than direct ones. If you don’t have an urgent schedule set in the early days of your corporate travel, you may consider having flights that are connected to other airlines. This can also save a few hundred dollars.

Use award miles: If you have a loyalty membership on a specific airline, you can save a lot by using award miles. Award miles are usually given for frequent bookings. These free miles can be redeemed on your next purchase. 

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