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Waste Removal Audit Process | Bottom Line Concepts

Published June 1st, 2019 by Bottomlineadmin

Waste Removal Process:

Bottom Line will conduct an in-depth analysis of all waste removal costs and services at all locations.  The goal is to identify any inefficiencies in services and to determine whether or not a Client is over paying for waste removal services.   It typically takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days to complete the analysis but if there are a lot of locations or multiple waste removal vendors it can sometimes take longer.

Bottom Line will begin with a review of all current waste removal services to determine if the current services are sufficient or not.  We will determine whether or not additional services need to be added or any services need to be eliminated.

In addition to a complete analysis of all waste removal services Bottom Line will do a market analysis to determine whether or not the pricing for waste removal services is competitive or not.  After analyzing pricing, Bottom Line will determine what cost savings opportunities exist and will then engage waste removal vendors to negotiate more competitive pricing.

The objectives for the project are to make sure that a Client has the appropriate waste removal services at each location, to make sure that a Client is not overpaying for waste removal services, streamline waste removal contracts as much as possible and put a Client in a much better position to manage waste removal services more easily.

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