Bottom Line Concepts, LLC is a performance based financial consulting firm, located in New York City and focused on saving money and obtaining refunds for companies throughout the US.

Our clients appreciate that we're not incentivized by selling them replacement products or services, rather we're only compensated upon the realization of money by refunds and savings that benefit you and your bottom line. Our results allow organizations to retain their employees, while increasing corporate profitability and enhancing the business valuation of the company.

Want to know more about how we achieve expense reductions and reduce corporate expenses? Watch these videos to learn more about Bottom Line Savings and how our cost saving strategies can help your company develop effective solutions and increased corporate profitability. 

We define performance in one of two ways:

1) We look back in time to recover refunds that corporations may not realize they are owed back
2) We look forward, bringing our buying power, technology and innovative ideas to result in measurable cost savings

In a landscape where complex logistics, regulation, and compliance squeeze profits in multiple ways, Bottom Line savings will trim expenses to grow profits or even return your company to profitability, where stakeholders' value, reinvestment and your workforce hang in the balance. Whether your horizon takes the form of ensuring the company's legacy, selling the company or taking it public, raising private capital or growing through acquisition, you'll be best positioned in every instance ifR32;the company has achieved lean, peak performance and increased corporate profitability. And because every dollar of savings we realize for you now will pay off then, the bottom line is that you can’t afford not working with us! 

For media inquiries, contact:

Jay S. Winuk
Winuk Communications, Inc.
Ph1: 845-277-1160 (direct)
Ph2: 914-523-3227 (cell)

As part of the partnership, Bottom Line Concepts will donate a portion of new corporate client fees to The San Diego Film Foundation. This donation will serve as the corporate sponsorship of the San DiegoInternational Film Festival on behalf of each new client.


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Bottom Line Concepts, LLC is a performance based financial consulting firm. We define performance in one of two ways: 1) We look back in time to recover refunds that corporations may not realize they...

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  • Our Process

    Based on our in-depth analysis of your business, we bring a 360-degree perspective to the broad range of areas in which significant savings can be realized.

  • Our Promise

    Zero Risk
    Zero Out of Pocket Cost
    Zero Obligation

  • Our Tools

    We offer a unique approach with a team of experts standing behind each categorical analysis in order to deliver the greatest savings.

  • Our Results

    We maximize your cost savings, while preserving the value and quality of all services and products you receive, without having to change your vendors.