Bottom line concepts has terrific leadership and fulfills its promise to add value by contributing to the bottom line of your organization. They promised us positive results and delivered on their promise! There are very few no risk/all reward opportunities available today in the business world. Bottom Line Concepts offers such a proposition!

We have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency, professionalism and effectiveness of the Bottom Line Concepts team. We look forward to continuing our prosperous relationship with the Bottom Line Concepts team for years to come. 

The founders of Bottom Line Concepts have been long standing patrons of my family’s restaurant. When they shared with me their long list of clients in my industry I gave them an opportunity to look at some of our expenses.  Energy was one of those areas that can have an impact on my P & L. They were able to significantly reduce our annual spend with minimal effort to my team.  They have proven to be a valuable resource for my business.

I have known the CEO of Bottom Line Concepts, for many years now. He and his partners have proven, year after year, to continually come up with new ideas to help keep my business' costs down. They have always been responsive and attentive to all our needs. They continually keep my company's best interests at the top of the priority list. 

Bottom Line offers a truly remarkable value proposition -- they identify and implement savings across the cost structure of a business, and will delight finance departments with the significant impact that their work has on the bottom line.  Their irresistible proposition -- we'll charge nothing unless we generate savings for you -- makes working with them the easiest decision a business owner will have, and the results will vindicate that enthusiasm. 

Josh Fox was introduced to me by a trusted friend several years ago. We originally asked him to evaluate only our health plan, then subsequently asked him to expand his review to the other benefits and some payroll services. He and his partners are creative and diligent. They were able to provide the firms benefit committee with a few options, and guided us to make the right decisions for us. We made several changes to our plan and vendor relationships which resulted in huge savings for the firm, while at the same time allowing us to deliver the same or better benefit levels to our employees. It was pretty eye-opening in some cases. They are an impressive group. 

It is a genuine pleasure to work with Bottom Line.  Their detailed and diligent work on our company’s behalf has really produced positive results. 

A few of our brokers had an existing relationship with Bottom Line and recommended we look at some of our own expenses. When we got a check back for items that we had purchased over 15 years ago, we were pleasantly surprised that this was even possible. Subsequent to that recovery, we enrolled in other refund opportunities. They have built our confidence to the point where we have been recommending our own clients for their services.

We hired Bottom Line Concepts to look at some of our expense categories and they really opened our eyes to some fresh ideas. Their novel approach was refreshing and had a significant impact on saving our firm money. The results we achieved working with them were both improved plans and service. 

As our company expanded and moved into many new states, the landscape of taxes and how it related to our company became increasingly more complicated. We were introduced to Bottom Line Concepts by our accountants to do an audit of our prior year's sales/use tax to address this concern. Once the analysis was complete and refunds started coming back to us from different states, we could not have been happier with their work. 

  • Our Process

    Based on our in-depth analysis of your business, we bring a 360-degree perspective to the broad range of areas in which significant savings can be realized.

  • Our Promise

    Zero Risk
    Zero Out of Pocket Cost
    Zero Obligation

  • Our Tools

    We offer a unique approach with a team of experts standing behind each categorical analysis in order to deliver the greatest savings.

  • Our Results

    We maximize your cost savings, while preserving the value and quality of all services and products you receive, without having to change your vendors.