• When one of our executives first introduced us to Bottom Line Concepts, we decided to explore the benefits of working with their team. Despite having a very efficient internal procurement team, we were still able to find a number of areas where their expertise was useful. There were substantial results in a short period of time. We look forward to continuing our work with Bottom Line as we keep growing our company.

  • The engagement with Bottom Line has been a great success for NCR.  The team was able to recover a seven-figure amount by sifting through enormous amounts of payables data.  Overall, I am very pleased with the results as well as the manner in which it was accomplished.  Well done to the Bottom Line team!

  • Bottom Line Concepts is a terrific company. They are honest and reliable. They will find money where we were owed which most companies seldom find for themselves. Their fees are very reasonable but better still, they do the hard part in recovering the assets. It is truly a partnership. We have used other firms but they were far more burdensome with which to deal. I highly recommend Bottom Line Concepts.

  • Bottom Line Concepts is an outstanding partner. They found money we were owed. They did the heavy lifting to recover it. And they kept us updated throughout the process. Every company should engage them. There is literally no downside. Let Bottom Line Concepts find money for you.

  • Bottom Line Concepts has delivered on their promise of achieving results. While offering a solution that provides only up-side to our company, it allows us to focus on our day-to-day operations while maximizing cost saving opportunities. It’s a pleasure to work with their team of professionals and together we have succeeded with the seamless implementation of several cost saving opportunities.

  • Enough cannot be said about the group at Bottom Line Concepts. Their team worked diligently and kept us well updated throughout the process of their work. Bottom Line Concepts deserves tremendous credit for getting us money back and more importantly savings going forward.

  • Bottom Line has done some great work for us. Efficient, straight shooters and focused on “the bottom line," they have produced real savings in important areas of our business. We continue to look for ways they can help us.

  • Bottom Line Concepts has terrific leadership and fulfills its promise to add value by contributing to the bottom line of your organization. They promised us positive results and delivered on their promise! There are very few no risk/all reward opportunities available today in the business world. Bottom Line Concepts offers such a proposition!

  • Bottom Line Concepts does it all!!! Anytime I have a cost I want them to look at they have someone that does it. They are able to accomplish the task with mineral interruption in my business and very little staff involvement. I highly recommend giving them an opportunity to review your businesses costs to see if they can reduce them or at times get you a refund through a class action suit on previous costs Josh, the founder of Bottom Line, is very easy to deal with and is involved during the entire process. There is no reason not to give them a call to see what they can do for you.

  • We engaged Bottom Line Concepts to take an independent look at a few of our expense categories. In certain areas, we were pleased with the steps we had taken internally to achieve some level of cost savings on our own. In other areas, Bottom Line Concepts opened our eyes to creative solutions we never could have envisioned on our own. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts, and more importantly the results obtained by Bottom Line Concepts in working with Rolex. It is safe to say that their dedication, professionalism and most importantly the results obtained exceeded our expectations. 

  • Bottom Line Concepts delivered everything they promised and more. Their thorough team approach was painless and helped us realize more savings that we believed possible. The professionalism of every staff member was truly extraordinary. From beginning to end, this was a win, win for us.

  • Bottom Line Concepts has delivered exactly as promised: we've realized savings in several expense categories without any risk.  We had neither the manpower nor the expertise to identify additional cost savings, so Bottom Line did it for us.  The team is professional and diligent and easy to work with. I would recommend Bottom Line Concepts to any company that is struggling to find areas to save.  There is quite literally no risk, and only opportunity for reward!

  • Bottom Line Concepts has become part of our Customers Bank team. They work side-by-side as colleagues defining needs, restructuring processes, assembling bid packages, and evaluating options to bring our Bank the best value. They advise; we decide; everybody wins.

  • It has been a pleasure working with the team at Bottom Line. Bottom Line has helped our organization identify several cost recovery initiatives and managed the entire process with minimal impact to our team. We are impressed with the results achieved by Bottom Line and look forward to exploring more opportunities in the future. 

  • We engaged the services of Bottom Line to assist us squeeze savings out of certain expense items – and they were successful in areas where we had no such awareness.  While they scoured for additional savings opportunities, we initiated a major restructuring – and Bottom Line was both flexible and understanding of the impact that had on some of the savings opportunities that they were approaching.  I highly recommend their services. 

  • Working with Bottom Line on the various business lines was both seamless and a pleasure. On literally every occasion for the expenses we agreed to scrutinize for savings each Bottom Line representative was organized, professional and most important extremely competent. Timelines were established and achieved unless my team was unable to execute in providing documents on time. Aside from saving money the fact that there was very little distraction to the various departments involved in the project was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend Bottom Line because they delivered on their promise.

  • We have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency, professionalism and effectiveness of the Bottom Line Concepts team. We look forward to continuing our prosperous relationship with the Bottom Line Concepts team for years to come. 

  • A few of our brokers had an existing relationship with Bottom Line and recommended we look at some of our own expenses. When we got a check back for items that we had purchased over 15 years ago, we were pleasantly surprised that this was even possible. Subsequent to that recovery, we enrolled in other refund opportunities. They have built our confidence to the point where we have been recommending our own clients for their services.

  • We are a national accounting and advisory firm. We look to be efficient in our client service and seek competitive pricing internally in our overheard structure. Bottom Line has worked with EisnerAmper and several of our clients in reducing overhead costs without compromising service and reputation.  They have demonstrated expertise in cost reduction and our firm experienced significant cost savings without dilution in quality of service.  We look forward to a continued successful relationship with Bottom Line. 

  • Bottom Line was introduced to me by a trusted friend several years ago. We originally asked them to evaluate only our health plan, then subsequently asked them to expand their review to the other benefits and some payroll services. Bottom Line is creative and diligent. They were able to provide the firm's benefit committee with a few options, and guided us to make the right decisions for us. We made several changes to our plan and vendor relationships which resulted in huge savings for the firm, while at the same time allowing us to deliver the same or better benefit levels to our employees. It was pretty eye-opening in some cases. They are an impressive group. 

  • I met Bottom Line through a vendor of mine and was quite impressed by their team.  They helped us partake in class action law suits that we were able to receive refunds.  Bottom Line's entire team is extremely helpful and always looking for creative ways to get the company money back.

  • We asked Bottom Line Concepts to look into our monthly and annual expenditures and come up with innovative and effective ways for our business to save money against "our" bottom line. They did exactly that and definitely lived up to their name. 

  • Bottom Line is a great resource to any company. Working with them allows us to focus on growing the business and improving operations while using their expertise to find savings that we never would have realized. There is nothing but upside to a partnership with them.

  • It is a genuine pleasure to work with Bottom Line.  Their detailed and diligent work on our company’s behalf has really produced positive results. 

  • The founders of Bottom Line Concepts have been long standing patrons of my family’s restaurant. When they shared with me their long list of clients in my industry I gave them an opportunity to look at some of our expenses.  Energy was one of those areas that can have an impact on my P & L. They were able to significantly reduce our annual spend with minimal effort to my team.  They have proven to be a valuable resource for my business.

  • We contracted with Bottom Line Concepts about 18 months ago. Already they’ve delivered significant recovery results for our firm from six different class action settlements. We’ve been very pleased with the results that were achieved without a lot of staff headaches or involvement on our end. I highly recommend their services. 

  • Bottom Line exceeded our expectations. They were thorough and professional, and most importantly, they conducted themselves with the utmost integrity.

  • We were introduced to Bottom Line through our Risk Management team, who we have worked with for many years. Bottom Line was able to introduce us to many different class action settlements in which our organization was entitled to refunds going back as far as 15 years ago. When we received our first distribution, we were pleasantly surprised to see how large the refund actually was. We have subsequently signed up for five additional cases. Bottom Line handled all of the heavy lifting, and the process was fairly simple from our end. We look forward to a long term professional relationship with them. 

  • Bottom Line has proven to be a valuable partner to CityMD. They've been very successful in reducing our expense without switching vendors. Their leadership is very professional and extremely competent. We have been very pleased to work with Bottom Line and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership

  • As our company expanded and moved into many new states, the landscape of taxes and how it related to our company became increasingly more complicated. We were introduced to Bottom Line Concepts by our accountants to do an audit of our prior year's sales/use tax to address this concern. Once the analysis was complete and refunds started coming back to us from different states, we could not have been happier with their work. 

  • We engaged Bottom Line Concepts to recover money from a class action lawsuit relation to LCD monitors and computer equipment that was 8-12 years old. Not only did they make us aware of this opportunity, but they were successful in getting us a large refund. We couldn’t be more pleased with their service and results. 

  • In 2014, Bottom Line approached us about existing class action law suits where we might be eligible to recover funds.  At first, we were skeptical about whether Bottom Line could really deliver what they were promising.  However, their team quickly alleviated any concerns by illustrating their knowledge and expertise in the area.  They made the process simple, easy and quick.  Furthermore, the team was always willing to jump on a call with us to explain what was needed and/or answer any questions we had.  Perhaps, most importantly, they were successful in their efforts on our behalf as we recovered money towards the end of 2014 in a class action suit regarding LCD screens we had previously bought.  The whole process was completed in an efficient and timely manner.  It was a pleasure working with Bottom Line.  

  • We invited Bottom Line to review a number of our expense categories and we were happy to get an unbiased second opinion on the strategies and vendors that had been working for us over the years. It gave us great comfort to get a clear picture of the areas of our operations where we were being efficient and where there was room for improvement. Due to the CEO of Bottom Line Concepts' board seat on the New York Restaurant Association, he was truly able to understand our industry, which added to our positive experience with Bottom Line.

  • As commercial real estate owners in New York City, the cost of energy has always been an important issue to both us and our tenants. As energy prices around the world have fluctuated, finding more consistent and reliable pricing had become an objective. We had therefore, become more engaged in researching the options that exist. There are many companies that claimed to be the solution but we wanted an independent breakdown of these companies. Bottom Line was highly capable with their analysis which we fully expect to result in significant cost savings. 

  • Beginning as a small family business and growing into a nationally recognized brand, as time has gone on, turning a profit has become more and more difficult. Factors such as escalating lease costs, the explosion of ecommerce and increasing tax rates have contributed to this. We felt it was time to bring in some outside experts to review many of our expenses. We reviewed areas that we had previously looked at on our own, as well as some complicated areas we had not. The retail industry comes with its own unique complexities and Bottom Line was able to prove that they were up for those challenges. 

  • We were introduced to Bottom Line by our external accounting team which gave us comfort in them doing analysis on some of our expenses. For some of costs we were part of a consortium buying group which enabled us to get low pricing on some of our purchasing. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Bottom Line was able to secure even lower pricing. They were able to convince the consortium to not only lower our prices, but other members of the consortium as well. It was also a pleasure to experience the working relationship between our internal departments, Bottom Line and our vendors.

  • Bottom Line Concepts has delivered on their promise – allowing us to better understand how our vendors bill for products and services, renegotiate existing contracts for favorable terms with real cost savings and all with little effort on our behalf – a bottom line win for us! Best of all, we had no obligation until savings were verified.  Even better, we experienced exemplary service; professionalism, dedication and execution throughout the project.  We would recommend Bottom Line Concepts to all of our business partners.  They made our cost savings initiative a profitable and pleasurable experience. 

  • Bottom Line Concepts did a great job of recovering sales taxes on a number of our companies. They went through our records and filed all the necessary paperwork. It was an effortless process for us and the end result was substantial refunds of taxes.

  • Steiner Sports specializes in helping companies use the power of sports to grow their business. We regularly negotiate with heavyweights like the NY Yankees, Madison Square Garden, and over 2000 athletes, so when we were introduced to Bottom Line, it was not that we were not interested, but we just did not think they would be successful finding us money. Bottom Line proved us wrong. They were able to reduce costs in key areas of our business. Decision makers have one thing in common; we are always busy. Bottom Line got the job done with little to no time commitment from me or my staff. I encourage you to let these guys help your company. You literally have nothing to lose. 

  • I have known the CEO of Bottom Line Concepts, for many years now. He and his partners have proven, year after year, to continually come up with new ideas to help keep my business' costs down. They have always been responsive and attentive to all our needs. They continually keep my company's best interests at the top of the priority list. 

  • When my firm invests in companies we do our best internally to help those companies grow and become more profitable. We discovered that collaborating with Bottom Line enhanced that process for us. Each dollar saved, allows us to show a higher return to our investors over time. Bottom Line has worked with us on a number of our portfolio companies, in addition to our own internal costs. We continue to be impressed by the innovative ideas they share with us.

  • Bottom Line offers a truly remarkable value proposition -- they identify and implement savings across the cost structure of a business, and will delight finance departments with the significant impact that their work has on the bottom line.  Their irresistible proposition -- we'll charge nothing unless we generate savings for you -- makes working with them the easiest decision a business owner will have, and the results will vindicate that enthusiasm. 

  • I would be pleased to have my personal success working with Bottom Line to be shared as a testimonial. We were looking for a firm to help us confirm that our expenses were not only in line with the hospitality industry, but were appropriate compared to other industries as well. In some areas, Bottom Line was able to confirm that we were already doing a great job. In other areas, they were able to find ways to recover money from the past and save money going forward. They were a great group to work with, and I have since referred them to many of my colleagues in the hospitality industry. Their expertise runs the entire business spectrum from supplies, to taxes, utilities, commodities, insurances, IT, foodstuff, rebate programs and class action suits. 

  • I have been doing business with the CEO of Bottom Line Concepts and his team for several years. He is a man of honor and always delivers what he promises. He and his team have consistently been on target and delivered in a timely fashion. They have time and time again brought creative solutions to various business challenges that my company faces and they successfully navigated us through those issues.

  • As our company is expanding and moving into various business' and new states,  it is great to have a partner like Bottom Line Concepts help us with the complicated moving pieces of a growing company.Once their analysis was complete and their recommendations came back it was clear to us they would not have us make a move that was better for them and not us, they have our best interest in mind and only recommend moving if it will make the most sense financially and logistically. A true partner.

  • Bottom Line has provided us with exceptional service and financial savings. Their focus and determination is key to their returns for customers. 

  • The team at Bottom Line Concepts have partnered with us to help find cost savings within our organization.  They have many relationships with experts in their fields that can assist in finding savings in niche areas such as shipping, cellular service, credit card processing, prescription drugs, and others.  Using technology they can review and audit usage patterns to make vendor recommendations, program changes within your current vendor agreement, or secure refunds if certain service standards are not met.  It is nice to have a partner as an advocate in reducing unnecessary cost that helps the bottom line.  They also continue to bring fresh ideas to us to consider as part of the program. 

  • As a growing national restaurant company, we were looking for a professional resource that could help us in identifying additional savings through a review of certain expenses. With Bottom Line's extensive experience in the hospitality industry, we thought they were going to be the right fit. After seeing the initial results, we have been very pleased with our decision. We appreciate the a la carte menu of expense categories we were able to choose from and their professional attitude in working with us. I would strongly recommend Bottom Line.

  • We hired Bottom Line Concepts to look at some of our expense categories and they really opened our eyes to some fresh ideas. Their novel approach was refreshing and had a significant impact on saving our firm money. The results we achieved working with them were both improved plans and service. 

  • Bottom Line Concepts did an excellent job at giving us an independent and professional viewpoint as to what our costs should be across multiple categories.  In the process, they helped us not only realize meaningful savings, but also think differently about the state of the market for different products and services and how to better manage our financial resources.  The team was professional, thorough and effective and continue to serve us today. 

  • I am a partner in multiple businesses and hired Bottom Line initially to help streamline my Human Resources departments. Bottom Line came up with a model that saved my staff time, allowing them to focus on more important initiatives and saved the companies money. I appreciated the fact that Bottom Line has offerings in so many categories, but I was able to choose the areas I really had a need to focus on. We subsequently had Bottom Line look at our energy and supply costs and had similar success.

  • We hired Bottom Line to review a specific service provided to the Firm. From the first call to the completion of the revised contract, they were professional. responsive and never lost sight at what the Firm ultimately wanted to accomplish. Simply put, they made saving money easy.

  • We recently engaged Bottom Line Savings to review our company expenses. Their service was thorough and professional. Most important, however, they helped us realize significant cost reductions -- at no cost to us. Theirs is a service that any businessperson who wants to improve the bottom line should seriously consider.

  • We have been working with Bottom Line for years and have hired them for several projects across our different expenses.Their team has been a valuable resource for us to achieve cost savings and better educate us on how to streamline things going forward. They're easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. I would recommend taking advantage of their no risk model.

  • Bottom Line Concepts has assisted YAI on multiple projects over the past few years and the outcome has always exceeded our expectations. Bottom Line brings a level of expertise that any organization can benefit from whether it is reducing costs, recovering assets from audits or class action lawsuits or leveraging their contacts. I would personally recommended taking a meeting with the team from Bottom Line to see how your company can benefit from their wide range of services.

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